King Size Quilts

Emerald Falls King Size Quilt

This beautiful Bargello uses tones of emerald and gold to create a cascading feel.  The border fabric is a Chinese coin print.  The quilt was machine quilted using the “Cotton Candy” overall pattern to stay with the flowing design.  The backing fabric is called “Gold Dimples".  The quilt was pieced by Mike Sanderson.

Item #MSMQ-11-6

104" x 108"

List Price: $675.00

On The Reef  King Size Quilt

This striking quilt features  a bright tropical fish print used in the borders, charm squares and the Stack N Whack kaleidoscopes.  The quilting is all free motion underwater motif with more fish, crabs, and reef plants.  The unique quilting makes this quilt far more valuable than its price because if appraised, it would be deemed too unique to copy.  The backing on this quilt is also unusual in that it is pieced on diagonal.  The back is just as pretty as the front and shows off the quilting nicely.

Item #MSMQK-15-1

108" x 108"

List Price: $800.00

Autumn Beauty King Size Quilt

This king size quilt is made of all flannel materials.  Mike Sanderson pieced this beautiful autumn colored quilt using different sizes of squares.  The backing is a muslin colored flannel.  This is a wonderful warm quilt and will add the colors of fall to your room.

Item #MSMQ-13-8

105" x 105"

List Price: $650.00

Forest Stars King Size Quilt

This is a quilt pieced by Martha Gentry.  It is wonderful stars in a back ground of pine green.  This is a large king size quilt that will be a wonderful accent in your home, or a great gift.

Item # MGMQK-15-3

104" x 106"

List Price: $650.00

Windmills Of Time King Size Quilt

This is a very cheerful quilt that will bring sunshine in to any room. Martha Gentry pieced this quilt using a selection of brightly colored squares accented by a sunshine yellow.  This king size quilt has a green cotton back.

Item #MGMQK-15-1

92" x 104"

List Price: $600.00

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