Crib Size Quilts

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Stars in the Nursery Crib Quilt

This charming star quilt, features pieced stars set in a back ground of soft lavender print with toys scattered over it.  Each block is sashed with a mauve solid fabric and the outside border is a Scatter print of rattles, toy keys, and pacifiers on a white background.   Backing fabric is a cotton print with rainbows.

Item #DMQC-14-10

42" x 39"

List Price: $55.00

On the Farm Crib Quilt

On the Farm has been pieced by Debra using country style fabrics.   The pattern of the block in this quilt is called a floating Block.   Each block features a central block with cows, pigs, chickens and sheep.   The backing fabric is a flannel muslin color for softness.

Item #DMQC-14-9

34" x 44"

List Price: $60.00

Sunny Days Crib Quilt

This is a charming quilt featuring cartoon style animals enjoying the day outside.   This quilt has been quilted to bring out the animals, with the border being stippled. It has a soft flannel back with scattered print of butterflies, flowers and others items. Besides being a great crib quilt, it would also make a great wall hanging.

Item #MSMQC-13-16

30" x 42"

List Price: $45.00

Jungle Delights Crib Quilt

This is a very cute child's quilt that features cartoon style jungle animals in bright primary colors to draw the eye.   This quilt would be a great gift for the child or to display on the wall as decoration.

Item # DMQC-15-1

38" x 48"

List Price: $50.00

Teddy Bear Painters Crib Quilt

This is a very charming crib quilt featuring a nine patch block with red and blue fabrics and a white square with scattered teddy bears wearing painter clothes and holding paint brushes.  This quilt would be great for either a boy or a girl.

Item #  EDSQC-15-3

36" x 46"

List Price: $65.00

Pink Rose Checkerboard Crib Quilt

This is an all flannel Pink Checkerboard quilt.   Some of the blocks have a flannel with pink roses, and the other blocks are quilted with a rose in the block.   This is a very nice quilt. and would make a nice first quilt, or a beautiful Lap quilt.

Item #EDMQC-16-7C

36" x 46"

List Price: $50.00

Pooh Crib Quilt

This is a very special Winnie the Pooh Quilt.   It has Pooh and all his friends in pastel green Squares scattered over the quilt.

Item #EDMQC-15-3C

34" x 47"

List Price: $70.00

Sail Boats Crib Quilt

Sail Boats is a older pattern fashion after the boats in a shipping harbor.  It is made of prints of blue, yellow, greens and is a very old fashion looking quilt. Yet it is a charming crib quilt for a boy.

Item #EDMQC-16-11C

35" x 45"

List Price: $55.00

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