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Who Is Debra and Mike?



     Debra’s Custom Machine Quilting & Gifts is owned and operated by the Sister / Brother team of Debra Burchett & Mike Sanderson.

    Debra is a Christian woman who enjoys good fun mixed with lots of laughter. She has also admitted to being a Fabriholic. She is never going to have all the right fabric for a project so of course it means “SHOPPING”, sometimes followed by the words “when did I pick that up?”


    Debra has been quilting for many years and comes from a quilting family. Her Mother and Aunts often talked of how her Great Grand Mother helped family finances by making and selling her quilts.


    Debra’s true passion has become machine quilting. She loves the many artists who have saved her the work of creating a quilting pattern with their many published books. She often goes through these books looking for just the right choice for a quilt. Debra has some artist in her also and does design some of her own patterns or sometimes will combine several artists work to get just the right look on a quilt.


    Debra worked 15+ years for a local quilt shop in Jacksonville Oregon, and has machine quilted over 5000+ quilts. Maybe one of them was yours. In 2005, Debra stepped out on her own. She quilts for others and pieces and quilts some of her own choices, which can be found for sale on her website and in our store at 11939 SE Stark St. In Portland, Oregon.


   Debra has always been willing to share ideas or techniques and will always help talk someone through a quilting problem. After all there are two things quilters do well, SHOPPING AND SHOW AND TELL.


   Mike is Debra’s “little brother” who designs and pieces many of the quilts for sale on the website and in the store.  Mike also pieces special quilts for customers who want a particular block pattern, design motif or color

scheme.  Mike also knows and shares many of the short cuts that allow him to make beautiful quilts in record time.


   Debra or Mike loves to teach classes for beginning Quilters as well as more specialized classes for particular block patterns and more advanced classes for experienced Quilters.


   Debra’s Custom Machine Quilting & Gifts is the opportunity for Debra and Mike to share their love of quilting in the tradition of their family.





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